Nos élèves de 3ème continuent leur voyage en Écosse où ils approfondissent leurs connaissances en anglais et où ils découvrent d'autres cultures. Ne manquez pas leur récit et les photos.


On the third day of our trip we visited the city of Aberdeen. It's quite a big city so we had a coach which took us to the main sites, so that we could see the most interesting places. We started with the old town, with pebble streets and a stunning new library. The contrast between the old buildings and the modern ones, like this library called "the zebra building" is breathtaking. We had a look at some of the buildings and Kings College chapel. which is one of Aberdeen most iconic buildings.

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After a short stop at the Cathedral and Seaton park, we made our way to Aberdeen beach and the harbour, one of the oldest and busiest in Europe due to the oil and gas industry in this area.

We had lunch at the Winter Gardens in Duthie Park and then went to visit the Maritime museum which has a beautiful view of the harbour. Our guide, Lindsey showed us around the museum and showed some of the most interesting objects they owned, such the different varieties of ROVs which are used in this area.
After a walk along the main street in Aberdeen and a visit the newest shopping center, Union Square, we headed back to Stonehaven Emery our host families. It was a great day and we were all happy to learn about this fascinating city. 

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