Nuestros alumnos siguen disfrutando de su viaje pedagógico a Escocia, donde realizan múltiples visitas al mismo tiempo que profundizan en el aprendizaje del inglés.

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Day 3

The weather had been really lovely up until today. We've had very beautiful sunny winter days so far. Unfortunately, we've had wind and rain today which made our morning walk a bit more interesting! We visited Dunnator Castle, walking to it from the harbour. We stopped at a War Memorial which had the names of 200 men from Stonehaven who had died in the war.

We had to be careful as the path was a bit muddy and slippery. Dunnator is a ruined medieval fortress located upon a rocky headland about 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) south of Stonehaven. The surviving buildings are largely of the 15th and 16th centuries, but the site is believed to have been fortified in the Early Middle Ages.

After the castle, we stopped at a nice coffee house by the harbour, Stonehaven Harbour Hut, where we had a warm drink.
We then walked to the Toolbooth museum. In the afternoon we hired a court at a Leisure Centre in attempt to get away from the rain and cold temperatures. We then had a tennis lesson with Fergus, a very friendly tennis coach. However, due to the cold, some of the students preferred being in an enclosed room where they could warm up and play table tennis and other types of games.

All in all, it's been a very rainy cold day, which is kind of normal in this part of the world, even though we're not used to it.
The weather forecast for tomorrow is a bit more hopeful! Fingers crossed! Stay tuned!

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Day 4 - Traveling south

On the fourth day of our trip, we traveled south to visit the city of Perth and the surrounding area. Our first stop was Glamis Castle, where we were greeted by our guide tour Tommy, who also runs the castle. He was an excellent story teller and he told us spooky stories about the ghosts who supposedly haunt this castle.
We learnt about some of the aristocracy who have inhabited the castle for centuries. Our students were impressed with the different rooms of the castle and what they had been used for.
Portraits of Queen Elizabeth II and her family were hanging on the walls. We went into the bedrooms where they apparently slept sitting up, as it was believed at the time that if you lied horizontally, your soul could leave your body. We saw the cot where she grew up, which was made out of wood.
When we visited the abbey, which is just next to the living room, surprisingly inside the castle, we were surprised to hear about a ghost named The Grey Lady, who lives there. Our guide always knocks on the door there times before he goes in, just to make sure she knows he's going in. The Abbey is still used nowadays.

There was an old beautiful piano in one of the rooms and one of our students was allowed to play. What an honor to be able to play in such an old and iconic piano which had been played by very important people before. Thank you, Tommy!

As we walked through the cold rooms of the castle, we also learnt about a secret hidden room only three people knew about. We all tried hard and long to find it, without any success.
After walking around the castle and enjoying the gardens, we headed to the city of Perth. We visited Blair Althol Distillery, where we saw how whiskey is made. Our tour guide went through the process as we walked around the different rooms revealing the secrets of this particular whiskey made with very pure water coming from the Scottish Highlands.
Our last visit if the day was the picturesque village of Pitlochry. We walked around the Dam and the river and we found a popular Scottish shop where they make very beautiful jewelry. We watched a 7 minute video which explained where the materials came from. We are very proud of how much English our students are practicing. They've had different guides every day and they speak to the host families every evening.

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Day 5 - The city of Edinburgh

Very early morning start today to take our bus down south to visit the popular city of Edinburgh. We arrived at the Scottish Parliament around 10am where our guide Sophia took us round an hour guided tour. She explained not only what goes on at the Parliament on a day to day basis, but also the impressive architecture of the building, which was designed by a Spanish architect, Enric Miralles.

We were allowed to see the Debating Chamber where all the MSPs debate the different laws regarding Education, Health and Social Services, Environment, Sports and the Art, etc. However, some issues remain the responsibility of the UK Parliament, such as Defence, Employment, Immigration, or Foreign Policy amongst others.
When we left the Parliament, we walked up the Royal Mile to go and see the Castle of Edinburgh. We had a snack there and looked at the magnificent views of the city, as the castle is situated on top of a high rock.

In the afternoon, it was the turn of the National Scottish Museum. The building is quite impressive both from the outside and the inside. There's a variety of Natural History, Science and Technology, Scottish history, and other types of exhibitions. We even managed to see the famous "Dolly, the sheep", which was the first ever successfully cloned mammal, in Edinburgh 20 years ago.
There was a lot of interactive games for the students which the really seemed to enjoy.
The day finished with some shopping along Princess Street, which our kids love!

Then back to our base camp, the beautiful fishing village of Stonehaven.

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