Nuestros alumnos de 3º de la ESO (3ème) viajaron a Londres a prinicipios de marzo, junto con sus profesores Mme Etève y M. Mauguy, para profundizar en el aprendizaje del inglés.  Ahora nos muestran algunos de los trabajos que han realizado para relatarnos su experiencia.

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Viaje a Londres · Del 29 de febrero al 5 de marzo de 2016

La llegada y el primer día

Yesterday was an exhausting day with a lot of new experiences but today we had so much fun (despite the rain) visiting Buckingham Palace, The British Museum and Covent Garden, where we could go shopping.

Paula, Julia G., and Claudia (3ème A)

Wednesday to Saturday in London

On Wednesday morning we went to the Victoria and Albert museum. It was bigger than I expected. We learned a lot about the stages of history. There was jewellery, towers, sculptures... We ate there because it was raining and then went to the science museum. I had visited this museum before and I remembered it more fun. But the exhibition had changed and this time, it was about the brain. And finally our last museum of the day was the Science history museum. There we could see dinosaur bones, human skulls, the evolution of the human being... And last, but not least HARRODS. It's an immense shop, very luxurious and really expensive but I had a great time in the toy section. After this long day we went to our families till next day.


On Thursday morning we went to Camden town. I loved it, with all the sculptures on top of the shops, it was very artistic. People looked very original, I met a man who was writing reflexive sentences on the floor. I felt really happy in there. We were very lucky because it was a sunny day and we were going to the London Eye. I'm not able to explain how amazing the views were. When our tour was finished we went to the Imperial War museum. It was really well done this museum. It was about the world wars and the secret war. The organization of the museum was very well done. When the day ended we went to our families.


On Friday we went to the Madame Tussaud Museum. It's a museum where famous people is sculpted in wax and exposed. The eyes seemed like they were following you as you moved next to it. And in the afternoon we went to Oxford Street to continue shopping. It wasn't a long day but it was exciting and exhausting.


It was our last day and it was the coldest one. We started our day going to the Tate Modern museum. It is a modern art museum. And then we went to Oxford Street again to finish our trip till 4pm because we had to go to the airport.

Silvia M., 3ème.

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