Market Insight Technology For Your Franchise Brand

Franchise Competitive Insights

Scorpion’s market insight technology helps your franchise better understand your customers in each of their individual markets so you can reach and serve them better.

Understanding who your competitors are and where they stand in the market is key to crafting a strategy to beat them.

Scorpion’s market insight technology and team helps franchise brands and owners get a better sense of how they can catch up to competitors where they are weak and how to maintain their strengths so they can stay on top.

marketing insights screen on Scorpion platform

Understand Local Market Dynamics

Market Insight Technology from Scorpion provides your franchise owners with intelligence about local market interest, local advertising costs, and lead potential based on population as well as other variables.

Local market insights like these not only help franchisees better understand their markets, they’re also better equipped to craft strategies for growth and for beating the competition.

Know Exactly How To Tap Into Your Potential

Having an educated guess on how to improve your franchise is one thing. Knowing exactly how to do it is better.

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Scorpion market insights help roadmap growth strategies for franchise owners by providing key insights such as where they can improve with online reviews, advertising, and search engine ranking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Market Insight Technology?

    Software or tools that can help you understand your customers and how best to help them find your business. When you learn who your customers are you will be able to create marketing that will connect better and save time and money on your advertising.

  • Why Do I Need Market Insight Technology?

    When you know your customers, you will save time and money with your marketing. Having technology to help with your research will help make it easier to understand your customers and will provide insights for you to find them better.

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