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The debates on bullying · 4º de la ESO ·

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Two good articles about the debates organised about cyberbullying and bullying, gender inequality.

The students had the opportunity to see the students from Tenerife and exchange ideas.



Miguel Angel Pérez Boskovic, 2nde

Last Friday the pupils of lycée had a special day dedicated to bullying. We were mixed and divided in different groups. My group theme was cyber bullying; we talked about the causes and consequences of  this kind of violence presented in our days.

We discussed about social networks that frequencies the most violence as Facebook and Whatsapp. I also expressed some things that I knew like saying that some social medias have filters because they do not have millions of users like Whatsapp.

As a group conclusion we said that the support of bullying has change, some years ago people used to write personal things on doors and tables, but actually they post private information on social medias which have more viewers, so that could be like a viral. One of the “positive” points of cyber bullying compared to the past, it is that today the police can localise the bully easier thanks to the social media.

Finally all the groups made a poster explaining the different aspects of bullying.

There were some technical problems during the conference; one of the topics that appeared during the debates where the genders inequalities in the society and also the causes that can provoke someone start harassing. We had some common points like jealousy, dysfunctional family environment, or just simply a person that is born bad and just want to hurt people. Really like this experience because we could talk about a topic which is very usual in our schools and debate very easily with students of our age.


Sexism’s and bullying’s debate

Mar García Bellas, 2nde

Last Friday (the 20th of November) we created a debate. We were divided in five groups and each one of them had to try on one or two issues (which were already imposed). There were related to the big topics: sexism and bullying.

With my group we had to talk about bullying and “the law of silence”. They gave us some questions and we obviously had to answer them. We also made three posters, in the three different languages that we learn at school (English, French and Spanish). Each of my group wore a message, written in a piece of paper stuck to our t-shirts. With all of this, our purpose was to sensitize and to reflect.

Later, we regrouped in a room. There, we had to expose our conclusions and to present our work. We could also debate and express ourselves with the other’s topic or the questions that Mr. Castro added.

Afterwards, two groups could talk with pupils from the “Lycée Français” of Tenerife, by videoconference. I found it very interesting but at the same time a little bit boring because only these groups could participate in this part of the debate (because of the technical problems). Moreover, we had some technical problems, so the sound was not very good. It was a pity! Anyway, it wasn’t a waste of time at all.

I was quite nervous because I was the spokesperson of the group and I really felt like everybody was looking at me. I believe that this project was worthwhile because in some way it makes people realise and make them aware from bullying (physical or psychological) and sexism, but also from cyberbullying.

We can improve these kinds of projects by inviting other pupils from other schools, and if it is possible, we could be able to speak in other languages. We can also invite some professionals or some victims, in this case, from different types of violence.

The school outing to Garañón

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english1_200x200Tras su estancia en Garañón, dos de nuestros alumnos de 4º de la ESO (2nde) nos cuentan su experiencia en inglés.

Radio programme

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In 2de, we are currently working on the topic of family and I asked my students to record a radio programme.
A mother has to speak about one family issue and she is asked questions by the interviewer who is trying to come up with solutions.

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